Kin Lin Chinese Restaurant


314 E 51St St, Kansas, MO, 64112

Type:Full service



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Kin Lin Chinese Restaurant has been serving the community of Kansas, Missouri for almost two decades. Buffet, take-out and delivery service are all available at this time-honored establishment. Occupying an area of 2,000 square feet, this humble yet charming eatery can serve more than fifty customers at a time.


Kin Lin features its traditional Chinese style décor. Red woody chairs and tables are neatly placed; noticeable paintings, Chinese knots, flowers and blue lights on the wall are hanging from the ceiling, enhancing the comfy and cozy ambiance.


Kin Lin is known for its variety of appetizing and healthy Chinese dishes at affordable prices. The extended menu lists more than one hundred items, offering customers multiple choices. Crispy Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, String Beans and Tofu are the most recommend dishes. For health-conscious diners, Kin Lin provides tofu and vegetables with low salt and oil. Only fresh raw materials and top-rated ingredients are ensured to use in Kin Lin in order to guarantee the food quality.


Besides varieties of food selections and mouth-watering dishes, great service, pleasant ambiance and high standard of sanitation are also the main attraction of Kin Lin.

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